Meet Dr. Heidi Zappone

My mission is to inspire, educate and empower patients from both traditional and scientific perspectives about wellness and beauty while providing healthy pure products that nourish the body and bring about radiance from within.

I believe that empowering ourselves about where true beauty resides and thrives will help make us independent from the world of influential traditional body-image based advertising. I believe that important health wisdom can originate from within: when we utilize science to help us make informed and powerful decisions, we can then turn to and trust our intuition. My goal for Daré alla Lucé is to create conversation and community around the revolutionary idea that we can guide our own beauty and wellness.

<strong>Dr. Heidi Zappone</strong>
Dr. Heidi ZapponeDC, CCN, DANLA, Doula
Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Clinical Nutritionist,
Diplomate of Advanced Nutritional Laboratory Assessment

Meet Dr. Heidi
With healthy products that perform, education that empowers and conversation that liberates, we revolutionize the idea of BEAUTY – and wellness. Dr. Zappone offers individualized wellness, nutrition and beauty consultations via phone to clients across the country.

Most of us are born into clean, flexible, healthy and radiant bodies. Over time, the choices we make repetitively will align or push back against our natural state. We are told that the symptoms that begin as early as our 20’s and certainly into our 40’s such as, fatigue, weight gain, pain, depression, memory issues, skin problems, acne, rapid aging, among many others is “normal” when in fact it is simply a departure from our healthy state and often can be alleviated.

The truth is that we can age healthfully, and beautifully. Radiantly.

“Our THOUGHTS shape our BELIEFS,
Our CHOICES determine our FUTURE.”
~ Dr. Heidi Zappone

Dr. Zappone, DC, CCN, DANLA, Doula

Why Did I Create Daré alla Lucé?