Dare alla Luce – The Product Line

To inspire, educate and empower from both traditional and scientific perspectives about wellness and beauty while providing healthy pure products that nourish the body and bring about radiance from within. 
We believe that empowering ourselves and others about where true beauty resides and thrives will work towards independence from the world of influential traditional body-image based advertising. We believe also that important health wisdom can originate from within. We can utilize science in a way that provides critical information to make informed and powerful decisions rather than relinquishing our own intuition and knowingness to any one individual or system. Our dedication is to create conversation and community around revolutionizing the idea of Beauty and Wellness.
We will always offer you products and advice that bring together the fullness of our integrity and the depth of our wisdom about health and beauty in ways that empower you to be as beautiful and healthy as you desire to be.
We are committed to an ongoing conversation around the evolution and expansion of our ideas around the concept of Beauty. We welcome your ideas, stories, photos and thoughts around the topic. Our hope is that with thought provoking conversation we will revolutionize the concept of Beauty!