We Care About Our Beautiful Community

I have always been intrigued by the concept of Beauty. As a little girl, I would find myself seeing beauty where others did not. I challenged myself to “hold the space” of love where judgment and hatred existed. That for me, was the foundation of healing and the beginning of my healing practice. And it began at the age of three.

When my Mother would drop me off at daycare (which I passionately disliked), she would return at the end of the day to find me standing in the corner (where the “bad kids” went). She would ask: What did she do to be sent to the corner?! The day care teacher responded that I had done nothing, but it was the place I chose to stand when another child was told that they were a “bad boy/ girl” or that “they should be ashamed of themselves”.

The young age of three was my first introduction to the feeling of shame. It felt heavy, dark and alone. I myself, felt sick. My only tool at the time, was to stand by these young people feeling their sadness, hoping to disperse it just a little. To shed just a little light. In that corner, I imagined and questioned the actions that caused the punishment and often found that they had been just a little too loud, “out of line”…a little too unique and I recalled thinking…”Why is that bad?” I was questioning the concept of Beauty.

That was my first understanding of healing and my first experience with community. Though, I wasn’t able to change the physical circumstances, I was able to help change the experience. I felt the power of community, even when the community was just another one.

I have come to understand that our Beauty is our most authentic and unique expression of who we are. It is the way we show up in the world. It is the footprint we leave behind and the way we connect. In my practice, I find that our experience of our own Beauty often shapes the choices we make around our Health.

At Daré alla Lucé we understand the power of Wellness, Beauty and Community. We invite you to join us and our growing community as we expand the conversation and transform how we think about these ideas.  

Where will you take a stand?

~Dr. Heidi Zappone