Some Kind Words

Although I love all of the products, my absolute “must have” is the Nourish (Illuminating Serum). Just a small amount is needed and it moisturizes better than any other product I have ever used! It’s light, silky and blends right into my skin without feeling oily or heavy. Once you start using it, you’ll never be able to go back to using other moisturizing products!
Susan Pierce, Washington State
Have you ever been desperate for someone to figure out why you feel so bad? I was. And then I came to Dr. Zappone. For years I felt like I was going round and round in circles and almost overnight Heidi got to the middle of the circle. Her ability to leave no stone unturned, and her wealth of knowledge about women’s health and nutrition is unparallelled. I say, stop going in circles, you can and will feel better!
Dr. Heidi is my doctor, my nutritionist and is now a colleague and dear friend of mine. She is one of the foremost experts in women’s health in the integration of the body, mind and spirit. Through her gentle and practical guidance, I have become educated, enlightened and empowered to move into a healthy way of living. I highly recommend her products, services and knowledge to any woman who wants to take charge of her body and own her life.
Purifying Cleanser – Finally – the cleanser I’ve been searching for. My fair skin is fragile and tends toward dry, but I still have oily patches. Facialists over the years have always recommended cream cleansers for my skin type, but they never feel like they get my skin very clean. And soapy cleansers have always been too drying to use long term. The Purifying Cleanser is a perfect blend of gentleness and effectiveness. I love the consistency and feel as it glides over my skin, it actually feels purifying.
Nicole Ashford, Seattle, WA
Illuminating Serum – I take a lot of care about what I put in my body, and I aspire to do the same about what I put on my body. It all sinks in, after all. I love that the Illuminating Serum is a organic nutritional supplement for my skin. It’s that secret ingredient in my skincare regime that actually makes my face glow with health and vitality. How do I know? Because friends have commented on my skin since I’ve been using it, and actually used the word “glowing!”
Glycolic Reveal – I’ve never been able to use traditional peel products before – having mild rosacea demands avoidance of anything that exacerbates the red tone of my skin. But the Glycolic Reveal is incredibly different. I get the benefit of uncovering glowing new skin without the harsh penalty of prolonged redness and sensitivity. It actually works with my skin rather than against it. I find it gentle enough to use even as a facial pick-me-up before a special night out.